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1. HPP81:
C4930A 680ML/C4931A /680MLC4932A 680ML/C4933A 680ML/C4934A 680ML/C4935A 680ML

Usage Method:
* Install it as the normal way.
* Pls do not install three sets ...
Our company is majored in Bulk ink. We can offer you competitive price for Water-based Dye, Pigment, Solvent and Eco-solvent Ink.

High quality Dye & Pigment ink
Sovlent ink & ...
It suitable for Epson T10/T11/T20/T30/TX200 ARC chip etc 73N series cartridge
1) It suitable for printer model: Epson B300/B500DN/B508 etc
2) Suit to Epson cartridge model: T6171/T6172/T6173/T6174/T6181/T6161/T6162/T6163/T6164 etc.
1. Adopts PP material, no ink leak

2. Reduce the cost of printing

3. It suitable W8400/8200/7200 printer
Our company is a manufacturer that develop and manufacturer the necessary facility which connected with the printer.The target of our company is:Reduce the cost of printing ,extend ...
It is suitable for:

Mimaki JV3 / JV4 /JV5

Roland SJ /FJ /SP /SC

Mutoh RJ/RockHopper
It suitable for Epson7450/9450/7880/9880 printer

Cartridge model:
T6122/T6123/T6124/T6128 and T6041/T6042/T6043/T6044/T6045/T6046/T6047/T6049.
It is suitable to printer model: Canon IP4200/iX4000/iX5000/IP3300/IP5300
It is suitable to Cartridge model: CLI-8BK/CLI-8C/CLI-8M/CLI-8Y/PGI-5BK
Be suitabla for printer type: Brother inkjet printer
Product model: 47BK/C/M/Y
Use for printer model:
1. Brother DCP110C/310CN
2. ...
1. Vibrant, brilliant colors and Excellent color gamut
2. Completely free of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), as defined in the Federal 1990 Clean Air Act
3. Color and density ...
Canon CISS-6:
1. S9000 Color Bubble Jet PhotoPrinter
BCI-6PC...Photo C
BCI-6PM...Photo M

Canon CISS-4:
2. PIXMA IP3000 ...
1. The transparent refillable cartridge used isobarically principles. The cartridge provide constant pressure when the printer is working. Make printers more stable.
2. It is ...
1. This machine electric appliance controller adopts imported element what been manufactured by newest advanced technology. It can automatic spacing, so accurate, safe, high ...
It′s very easy to create beautiful, full-color imprints on mugs. All you need is the Mug Press machine, a sublimation ink-jet printer and a specially coated ceramic mug.
1. It is made from P. P materials

2. Itstalling is more convenient

3. It is suitable for Epson4800/7800/9800/7400/9400 large forwart printer.
Any photo of the human being or the scenery and color mark can be baked on the mug by using this kind of machine. Operate easily, work continuously and high automatic level. It ...
It can imprint cap.

Color: Silver Grey
Size (L W H): 395*300*420mm
Net Weight: 15Kg
Gross Weight: 14Kg
Voltage: 220V
Power: 100W
Temperature Range: ...
To use in HP Cartridge: C4840A/C4841A/C4842A/C4843A/C4844A, No. 10.
C4836A/C4837A/C4838A, No. 11.
C4804A/C4805A/C4806A, No. 12.
C4911A/C4912A/C4913A, No. 82. ...
1. Adopt the spongeless structure, avoid to break the printer head because of the cartridge aging.
2. Innovate it base on the first generation cartridge, make sure not to leak ...
Heat transfer sheets to be pressed onto all fabric surfaces, or personalised pictures or photos to be pressed to flat surfaces such as T-shirts, tiles, coated metal boards, etc. ...
It is suitable for printer:

R260/R380/R580(T0771-T0776 or T0781-T0786)


R270/R390(T0821-T0826 OR T0811-T0816)
It is suitable to printer model: Canon IP4200/iX4000/iX5000/IP3300/IP5300
It is suitable to Cartridge model: CLI-8BK/CLI-8C/CLI-8M/CLI-8Y/PGI-5BK
It is suitable for :Mimaki/Roland/Mutoh Cutter